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Parameterized Model of {2D} Articulated Human Shape




Disclosed are computer-readable devices, systems and methods for generating a model of a clothed body. The method includes generating a model of an unclothed human body, the model capturing a shape or a pose of the unclothed human body, determining two-dimensional contours associated with the model, and computing deformations by aligning a contour of a clothed human body with a contour of the unclothed human body. Based on the two-dimensional contours and the deformations, the method includes generating a first two-dimensional model of the unclothed human body, the first two-dimensional model factoring the deformations of the unclothed human body into one or more of a shape variation component, a viewpoint change, and a pose variation and learning an eigen-clothing model using principal component analysis applied to the deformations, wherein the eigen-clothing model classifies different types of clothing, to yield a second two-dimensional model of a clothed human body.

Author(s): Black, M. J. and Freifeld, O. and Weiss, A. and Loper, M. and Guan, P.
Year: 2017
Month: September

Department(s): Perceiving Systems
Bibtex Type: Miscellaneous (misc)
Paper Type: Patent

Note: U.S.~Patent 9,761,060

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