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Pose-Conditioned Joint Angle Limits for 3D Human Pose Reconstruction (code and data)


This release contains code and data. Most mocap datasets are too small or to constrained to capture the full range of human motions. In particular, they are too small to explore joint angle limits. Here we provide a mocap dataset in which the subjects are gymnasts who are able to explore a wide range of human poses. The dataset allows one to develop pose priors that obey these limits and to model how these joint limits actually vary with pose. We include code to learn joint angle limits and to estimate 3D pose from 2D joint locations.

Author(s): Akhter, Ijaz and Black, Michael J.
Department(s): Perceiving Systems
Authors: Akhter, Ijaz and Black, Michael J.
Release Date: 2015-06-08
External Link: http://poseprior.is.tue.mpg.de/